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It seems almost incredible that a powerful evangelical religious body could flourish for almost five centuries and then be all but forgotten. Moreover, it was a denomiation possessed of a form of missionary zeal that puts us to shame today; a denomination that maintained a number of powerful training schools from which Christian missionaries were sent out to evangelize the pagans; and (if we are to believe the earliest historians) a religious body that preached Christ Crucified with apostolic fervor. Such, we are assured by painstaking historians, was the early Celtic Church. The Celtic Church, like our larger religious bodies today, was composed of several closely related divisions, not always practicing pulpit and altar fellowship with one another. Everybody is familiar with the Iro-Picts - but how much did any of us know, until comparatively recent years, of the Gaidhealic Church as it really was or the Brito-Pictish Church or any other such related bodies?


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