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The three feature articles in this issue are related to a topic of immediate interest and deep concern to all Christians and to Lutherans in particular: Christian Fellowship Without Denial of One Word of God. The question of Lutheran fellowship occupied our Synod at Chicago; the problem of Lutheran world unity was the heart and core of Lund; and the thought of an ecumenical Christianity will be the central theme of the proposed Amsterdam meeting in 1948. The first article, ''Luther's Concept of the Una Sancta.," by your magazine's editor pro tem, originally appeared in Christendom and is republished with permission. Christendom is the publication of the American Committee for the World Council of Churches. The author endeavored to present Luther's view on the unity of the Una. Sancta. and the necessity of confessional consciousness to readers who are interested in a pan-Christian union and advocate an external ecumenicity.


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