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The Presbyterians are this year observing the tercentenary of the Westminster Confession. The Westminster Assembly, the body which formulated the chief Confession of the Presbyterians, was called into being by an ordinance of Parliament, June 12, 1643, for the avowed purpose of establishing a form of church government, "most agreeable to God's Holy Word, and most apt to procure and preserve the peace of the Church at home, and nearer agreement with the Church of Scotland, and other Reformed Churches abroad." To this end it was "thought fit and necessary to call an Assembly of learned, godly, and judicious Divines, who, together with some members of the Houses of Parliament, were to consult and advise of such matters and things." The summons contained 151 names; 10 from the House of Lords, 20 from the House of Commons, and 121 divines. Six Scottish commissioners, four ministers, and two elders met with them.


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