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Haec Dixit Dominus

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Is there such a thing as doctrinal certainty? Luther says: "The preacher must not pray the Lord's Prayer and ask for forgiveness of his sin after his sermon (if he be a true preacher), but must proudly declare with Jeremiah: Lord, “Thou knowest: that which came out of my lips was right before Thee' (Jer.17: 16); yea, he should declare boldly with Paul and all the Prophets and Apostles: 'Haec dixit Dominus, God Himself hath said this.' Et iterum: 'In this sermon I have been an apostle "and prophet of Jesus Christ. Here it is not necessary, not even good, to ask for the forgiveness of sins. For it is God's Word, not mine, and so there can be no reason for His forgiving me; He can only confirm and praise what I have preached, saying: "Thou hast taught correctly, for I have spoken through thee, and the Word is mine." Anyone who cannot say this of his preaching should refrain from preaching, for he would only be lying and blaspheming God."


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