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J. Conrad Dannhauer, the venerable theologian of Strassburg and teacher of Spener, wrote the following words a few years before his death in 1666: "Q. Curtius expressed himself correctly when he said: 'You cannot despise any point in an enemy with impunity; for in despising him you neglect him and so strengthen him.’ This very neglect in a former era gave birth to the Antichrist and, while people slept, enabled him to sow his injurious seeds. Because of indolence, weariness, or an eye that is not sufficiently trained, the same neglect fails to see the tricks of the syncretistic spirit which has lifted up its head in our time and is almost dominating present religious thought. In a short while, perhaps, the world will be surprised to see that it in so short a time has become syncretistic and, as a result, atheistic."


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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