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Soeren Aaby Kierkegaard

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soeren aaby kierkegaard, christian, lowrie, pederson, denmark

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Essays on Kierkegaard (just as such on many other great men) usually tum out to be no more than mere glimpses of the man and his work given by writers who are either for or against him, just as their studies have led them to see in him either a very great man or (to say the least) a very great enigma. It is therefore extremely difficult to arrive at an objective judgment of Kierkegaard by the study of biographies and historico-doctrinal monographs, no matter how many of them one may read. But to peruse his original writings is to the average student still less satisfactory, for unless he himself has patiently and laboriously plowed through his works, all of which have now appeared in English, he is hardly fair in judging Kierkegaard at all.


History of Christianity

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