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ludwig von seckendorf, german, statesman, coburg, historian, piety

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In the foreword to his history of Lutheranism, Seckendorf has stated his view of a historian's task and his essential qualifications. For the task of a historian, he believes, should be selected the most able councilor or minister, vivid of mind and of pen, one who has been exercised for some years in the greatest and most weighty affairs, diligent, and of approved virtue, piety, and faithfulness, and to whom all secrets can be safely entrusted. To a man having such qualifications should be committed the writing of historical commentaries, not with diminished, but with enlarged income and advanced position of honor. He must also be a person of good judgment and honesty, for, as Seckendorf directs, not only the acts and events themselves, but also their reasons should be truthfully reported as they were stated in the course of the deliberations. Errors should be noted in a separate account, which is not to be published.


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