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Men are asking and imploring the Church to accept the teaching that some of those who have died in unbelief will get another opportunity to hear the Gospel in Hades. E. H. Plumptre tells us that it is our sacred duty to restore this "'lost article," this "'priceless, but forgotten truth," this ''truth of wider, happier thoughts," and charges those who refuse to do it with having a ''narrow, unloving'' mind. (The Spirits in. Prison, pp. 4, 17, 25, 28.) J. Paterson-Smyth "regrets that the indignant Reformers, in sweeping away the falsehood and the absurdities connected with the Roman purgatory swept away also the underlying truth, and demands that the 'lost article of the Creed' be given back to the Church." (The Gospel of the Hereafter, p. 65.) Great evils will result, declares Archdeacon F. W. Farrar, if we fail to do so. "Nothing will more imperil in devout and tender souls the entire system of Reformed theology than this omission to state in its fullness the Gospel of Hope." (Eternal Hope, p.173.) But we cannot accept the Hades gospel. It is an evil and perilous doctrine. In our discussion of the twenty-one arguments advanced by the Hades theologians we have already noted that. Let us now discuss it more in detail, under five heads.


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