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The problem of suicide or attempted suicide has so many aspects and such far-reaching implications that no short treatise can possibly cover all of them. A suicide is a person who, with premeditation, has deliberately terminated his life. An attempted suicide is an individual who has made an attempt at suicide, but has failed in the act. The subject is bound up with the values that the individual, the community, and the Church attach to life, with existing attitudes towards death, with racial habits and customs, with prevailing standards of life and the variations from such standards. Any attempt to deal completely with the question that has so many ramifications would baffle the skill of the most thoughtful student of human affairs. It is a study that concerns equally the physician and the lawyer, the teacher and the conscientious pastor.


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Matthew 5:21; 1 John 3:15; Genesis 4:8; Matthew 27:3-5; John 6:37;

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