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The Editorial Committee of this periodical has planned a series of articles on leading theologians of modern times who in a preeminent way have influenced and molded theological thought. These essays are to supply the necessary background of the theology current in our time, are to be practical rather than scientific, and are to present the various theological systems in such a way that even the reader unacquainted with technical literature will gain a clear picture of their traits and significance. This objective imposes a limitation on the essayists compelling them to remain within a narrow scope; but this limitation will redound to the good of the readers, since the conciseness and concreteness of the presentations will (as it is hoped) encourage them actually to read and thus profit by the series. In no case, perhaps, is the writer's self-limitation more required than in that of Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher, the subject of the first essay, who unquestionably is the "father" of modem theology.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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