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formula of baptism, st. paul, sins

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The formula of Baptism is definitely fixed. Christ, who instituted Baptism, tells us that we should baptize "εις τὸ ο͂νομα τοῡ πατὁζ χαι το̄υ νιο̄υ χαι το̄u άψιου πνεύmatoζ,” Matt. 28:19, thereby distinguishing His Baptism from all others that in His days were to be found among both Jews and Gentiles. We have neither reason nor authority to change the wording of this formula. For further Information on this point we refer to Walther, Pastorale, pp.110-118, and to Pieper, Christliche Dogmatik, Vol. III, pp. 302 to 308.


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