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luther, faith, social problems, hitler, political, reformation, rosenberg, sixteenth century, christian doctrine, mcgovern, rome

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In the present effort to trace the fierce currents of Europe's political ground swells to their source, many writers wish to discover the first rising of the tide in the thought channels of Martin Luther's ideas on religion, politics, and social problems, away back in the sixteenth century. Able thinkers, like McGovern, who have sent their searching gaze into the dim years of history in the hope of discovering the precursors, either men or ideologies, of the present world-wide eruption, have held to a theory of history in which men like Luther are given a lion's share in the responsibility of starting thought processes which now at last have broken through the floodgates to overwhelm the entire world. The very title of McGovern's book From. Luther to Hitler holds the implication of an intimate relationship between Martin Luther, the sixteenth century prophet of a new day, and Adolf Hitler, the twentieth- century high priest of a new order.


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