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marriage, youth, divorce, pastor, christian, husband, walther league, courtship, lutheran, mixed marriages, children

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"Youth Guidance in Marriage Problems" is the topic of this article. Before we begin the actual consideration of the topic, it may be well to get our bearings and to give some definitions. What do we mean by guidance? We believe that this term designates, or should designate, any effort by means of example and by means of precept, by direct or indirect instruction, to show people, especially young people, the true and right way, the best course to follow. Since this guidance, according to the topic, is to be a guidance of youth regarding the problems of one of life's greatest experiences, courtship and marriage, we believe that the scope of this article should be to show them the divine origin and the Scriptural purpose of a Christian marriage on the basis of God's own Word, and to help them not only to enter the holy estate of matrimony in the proper way, but to live in marriage as sensible, Christian people.


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