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That every Lutheran pastor should be able to preach is a fundamental requirement. Every graduate of every theological seminary, whether this be a Lutheran institution or not, is expected to present the truths of salvation in the form of an address, speech, or oration, be it more or less formal or more or less technical and scientific. But many a person, in referring to this self-evident presupposition for graduation from a theological seminary, has in mind only the person of the preacher and the form. of his message. That is to say, the emphasis is on the art of preaching or sermonizing, on the choice of the topic and the formulating of the theme, on the outline and logical development of the sermon and on the pertinency of its introduction. Quite frequently the fact is forgotten that the sermon, according to its chief objective, is to be a medium of teaching, that, in fact, the preaching function of the pastor is only one of his functions as teacher of the Church.


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