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Whether the Bible is the Word of God or whether it merely contains the Word of God has been a matter of controversy ever since higher criticism applied its dissecting-knife to the Sacred Record. While not bold enough to discard the entire Book as a human fabrication, men held that beside some divine truths the Bible contained quite a number of human interpolations and opinions, yea, even myths, fables, errors, and contradictions. Also in our day there are those who will not regard the whole Bible as the authoritative and inerrant Word of God, whose every statement they must accept as correct and true, but maintain that it contains antiquated ideas, which were indeed regarded as true in their time but which will not stand up in the light of the superior knowledge that is ours today, and that archeological research has proved many historic references of the Bible to be wrong. Therefore, so they say, it is for us to determine what in the Bible is the Word of God and what is not.


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