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The writer has been very forcefully reminded of this word of St. Paul by two articles which have recently appeared in two prominent and widely read journals, one in the Atlantic Monthly for January, the other in the Literary Digest of January 25. The former of the two articles is entitled "The Antireligious Front,” by William L Sullivan, and its purpose is to ridicule the antireligious vagaries of ungodly men who are "wise in their own conceit.” Two sections of this article particularly appeal to me, and will, I think, appeal to others, as masterly presentations of the folly of learned unbelievers. To quote:-

"Three men, we are reminded, have reduced us to our proper insignificance and put on end to our primitive dream that we are godlike or that there is any God for us to resemble. They are Copernicus, Darwin, and Freud. Copernicus began the revelation of the vastness of the universe and the consequent triviality, of our poor molecule of a planet. Darwin showed man's ancestry reaching, not up to the stars and their glory, but down to the mud and its fermentation. And Freud has pushed our humiliation into the last pit by the knowledge that what we thought was the light of spirit is only the sickly gleam of funguses growing rank in the cellars of physiology."


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