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If we are called to the bedside of a patient who has no knowledge of the Word of God, to the bedside of the unbeliever, this is done in most instances not at the request of the patient, but upon the suggestion of one of the family or a friend. It cannot be otherwise. How can any one have a desire to hear concerning Christ of whom he knows nothing and in whom he does not believe. It is a sad fact that many, though they are at death's door, in spite of all are filled with hatred against the Word of God, against Jesus, and against every one that accepts Him. They do not hesitate to express their opinion on this subject, as every devout follower of Jesus will know. For this reason members of the family or friends often hesitate to inform the pastor and to request him to come. When they finally do, you will often hear them say: "But, pastor, do not tell the patient that I requested you to pay him a visit," or they will possibly express grave fears as to the conduct of the patient upon the arrival of the pastor. The patient may be unwilling to accept his services, yea, even insult him.


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