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How Peter Became Pope

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Hilary, 461-408, took the title "Vicar of Peter, to whom, since the resurrection of Christ, belonged the keys of the kingdom.” He admitted, however, that his vast authority had a civil origin. In time the "Vicar of Peter'' grew into the ''Vicar of Christ."

Simplicius, 468---483, appointed a permanent legate in Spain.

When Emperor Augustulus was deposed, in 476, the division of the Eastern and Western empires ended. In the following century the Goths were put down by J' Justinian’s generals Belisarius and Narses, and Italy was subject to the emperor at Constantinople and ruled by his exarchs at Ravenna, who compelled the people to sell even their children in order to pay their taxes and made no real resistance to the incoming Lombards.

Felix III in a letter to Emperor Zeno calls himself the "Vicar of Peter." The Savior speaks in His apostle, and the apostle speaks in his vicar.


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