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It is sometimes hard for a Lutheran to keep the boastful note out of his voice when he speaks of the various treasures of our Lutheran heritage. We have, by the blessing of God, the finest text-book of doctrinal instruction, the Small Catechism of Martin Luther; we have, in addition to the Ecumenical Creeds, the clearest exposition of Scripture truth in our book of confessions, the Concordia of 1580, in which the Augsburg Confession of 1530, whose four-hundredth anniversary we are celebrating this year, deservedly occupies a position of honor; and we have a heritage of church art in general and of hymnody and Lutheran music in particular that may well arouse the envy and the emulation. of others. It is of this Lutheran hymnody and music that I wish to speak to you in this short address, in particular of its expression in the spirit of the Lutheran chorale. And this is not to be done in a spirit of boastfulness, but in keeping with the great motto of the Lutheran Church: Soli Deo gloria/ To God alone all glory!


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