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The Lutheran Church possesses in its beautiful hymns a priceless treasure. This fact is often attested to by non-Lutheran authorities ·on hymnology. On a recent lecture tour through the United States the greatest living authority on Bach, Dr. Terry, of Edinburgh, referred to the Lutheran hymnal as "that precious legacy of the Reformation.'' The man who gave the Church of the Reformation her first hymnal is the same who gave the Church the open Bible by putting the Word of God into the vernacular, the same who summed up the fundamental teachings of the Holy Book in that marvelous "Laymen's Bible," the Small Catechism, the great Reformer himself, Luther is the founder of congregational singing.


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Psalm 14:1ff; Psalm 12:1ff; Psalm 67:1ff; Psalm 130:1ff; Psalm 124:1ff; Psalm 128:1ff;

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