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The Augsburg Confession

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After visiting Italy and savagely sacking Holy Rome, Kaiser Karl V made the Peace of Barcelona with the Holy Father on June 29, 1520. On August 3 he mode peace with his chronic rival, "the Most Christian King," Francis I of France. This Peace of Cambray had an article "forbidding to print or sell any Lutheran books.'' Thus the noble Kaiser thanked the Lutherans for saving him in the day of distress from the Turk, the King, and the Pope.

On January 21, 1530, Karl called his Reichstag for April 8 to Augsburg, the burg of the great Caesar Augustus, and promised to be present in person for the second time. He also promised "to hear, understand, and consider everybody's view, opinion, and meaning in love," and so forth and so on. He cooed as gently as any sucking dove, and the simple soul of the honest German, Luther, rejoiced with great joy over these honeyed phrases of the crafty Spaniard, and he thought now all questions of resisting the Kaiser had fallen to the ground.


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Psalm 119:46; Luke 17:5

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