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One of the saddest duties of o pastor is to minister to the spiritual needs of such of his members as are confined in penal institutions. We all agree that these unfortunates are in particular need of our spiritual ministrations. Such visits afford us on opportunity to speak not only of sin and its fearful consequences, but also of God's unending love and of Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. The prisoner behind the bars has had many hours, in many instances oven days and years, for reflection. Quite frequently his former friends and even the relatives have severed all connections with him. He is indeed an outcast. No one has an interest in his well-being, often not even his former pastor. Some of the penal institutions are served by a missionary especially called for this purpose or by the pastor living near by. Nevertheless a pastor should keep in close touch with such a prisoner, either by corresponding with him or, better still, by occasionally visiting him. A prisoner surely stands closer to his own pastor than to the city missionary, and the former no doubt is better qualified to look after his spiritual needs. True, some of the criminals are "hard-boiled," and all our efforts may be in vain, but the majority will bid you a hearty welcome and willingly accept your services. Permit me to adduce a personnel experience.


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