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The Lutheran Church has a wonderful liturgical heritage. Because it is the true Church of the Reformation, it did not resort to unmotivated iconoclasm, preferring, instead, to reform conditions, customs, and usages, cleansing them from additional and incidental impure features and thus preserving the historical and liturgical continuity which is bound to have at least a confessional value.

The Lutheran churches of this country have during the last decades remembered this liturgical heritage. There has been a decided effort, on the part of many congregations and even of entire Lutheran bodies, to return to the liturgical usages of the period of the Reformation, in the order of service for the Holy Communion, in the proper use of chancel furniture, in introducing the proper paraments, and in various related fields of liturgical endeavor. The movement has now turned to the ministerial vestments, and one hears and sees that suggestions are being offered which profess to be in keeping with the best forms of Lutheran usage in the sixteenth century.


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