Commencement Addresses given at Concordia Seminary St. Louis.


Submissions from 2019


Commencement 5-17-19 Speech and Awarding of Degrees, Larry Dean Bucshon, Dale Meyer, Gerhard Bode, Rutt Douglas, Timothy Saleska, David Peter, and Christian Neddens

Submissions from 2018

Commencement Address 2018, Ray Wilke, Dale Meyer, Charles Arand, Gerhard Bode, and Kent Burreson

Submissions from 2017

Commencement Address 2017, Curtis Peters and Dale Meyer

Submissions from 2002

Commencement 5-17-02 Speech & Diplomas, Gerald Kieschnick

Submissions from 2001

Commencement 5-18-01 Speech and Awarding of Degrees, Stephen Carter and John Johnson

Submissions from 1998

Commencement 5-22-98 Speech and Awarding of Degrees, Eugene Osech and John Johnson