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Can Anything Good Come Out of

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Concordia Journal, Spring 2015, volume 41, hospitality, marginality, neighbors, Galilean, deepen experiences, social structure

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Christ who is suffering with us becomes a sign that, in light of the Latin American experience of suffering, reminds an often individualistic North American church that is more focused on victories than bearing crosses to embody a ministry of accompaniment with those who experience hostility and alienation.


Christianity | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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John 1:46a; Matthew 26:73; Matthew 28:7–10 (16); Luke 17:11; Acts 6:1; Acts 2:38; Luke 5:31–32;

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Alberto L. García, Douglas L. Rutt, Stephen B. Bevans, Justo González, Virgilio Elizondo, Oswald Bayer,