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“I Make These Confessions My Own”

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Concordia Journal, Winter 2015, volume 41, Book of Concord, Augsburg Confession, Wittenberg, righteousness, Formula of Concord, Smalcald Articles

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Bible Study; Lecture; Sermon Prep


The spirit of Augsburg and the method of the Wittenberg theologians carry the content of the Lutheran confessional documents into the many societies and cultures of the twenty-first century in which God calls Lutherans to repeat their confession of faith for the benefit of church and world.


Christianity | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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Romans 4:25; Romans 6:3–11; Colossians 2:11–15; Romans 6:3–11; Romans 4:25;

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A. C. Piepkorn, John F. Johnson, James A. Nestingen, Erik Herrmann, Gustaf Wingren, James W. Voelz, Philip Melanchthon, Martin Luther,