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Historical Theology

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Martin Franzmann

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1 Corinthians 9:22;


The problem discussed in this paper is the second one: Where is Babylon? Three theories have been advanced: “Babylon" is: (1) Rome, (2) Babylon in Mesopotamia, and (3) Babylon on the Nile River in Egypt. Each of these theories is discussed in a separate chapter. The wording of 1 Pet. 5:13 does not make it mandatory to say that Peter was in Babylon, wherever it is, at the time he wrote his first epistle. This is particularly true if the Egyptian theory is accepted. The greetings from the church ·at Babylon could have come through Mark. However, the natural thing is for Peter to be sending greetings as the result of personal contact with the church at Babylon. We have so little information on the life of Peter that it is theoretically possible that he visited any of the three places mentioned. In this paper, we have assumed that Peter wrote his first epistle in the “Babylon” whose church sends greetings.

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