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Historical Theology

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H. Bouman

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Psalm 74:8; Genesis 33:17; Daniel 6:10; 2 Chronicles 17:9; Deuteronomy 33:4; Psalm 52:8; 1 Kings 3:2; 1 Kings 12:26-29; 1 Kings 8:44; Psalm 51:16ff; 2 Kings 23:3; 1 Samuel 1:9; 2 Kings 11:14; Acts 15:21; Exodus 27:20; Nehemiah 13:14; Proverbs 1:21; Nehemiah 8:1; Isaiah 2:2; 1 Kings 7:38ff; Psalm 80:8; Proverbs 3:18; 1 Kings 10:18; 1 Kings 7:49; Zechariah 4:2;


The five major works of Stephen Edelston Toulmin, currently professor of philosophy at Brandeis University, that will be treated in this paper are "Contemporary Scientific Mythology," An Examination of the Place of Reason in Ethics, Foresight and Understanding, The Philosophy of Science, and The Uses of Argument.? It will be my object to set forth the essentials of Toulmin's thought concerning first science and secondly extra-scientific endeavors, especially theology; to relate some of Mr. Toulmin's conclusions to those of two prominent exponents of "ordinary language" philosophy, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Gilbert Ryle; and finally to look at the work of a few theologians, especially Schubert M. Ogden, who have attempted to dialog with and build upon thinkers such as Toulmin, Wittgenstein, and Ryle.

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