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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Practical Theology

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Arthur Repp


This paper will attempt to reflect the present concept of ministry to one such human situation and population segment, the life situation of the single young adult in the metropolitan area. This particular population segment and life situation group is relatively new in arriving on the American cultural scene. The postwar baby boom is now entering the young adult period which is categorized with the ages of eighteen through twenty-four. It is difficult to limit the age to twenty four, however, for there are possibililities that the ideals, mode of living and cohesiveness of the group may push the age group to thirty years of age. Presently there are approximately 30 million people in this age group. Figures have been given to estimate that by 1970 this age group will increase by sixty five percent while the rest of the population will increase by seventeen percent. And again, at the present there are three and a half million students in colleges throughout the United States. By 1970 the enrollment of the colleges will jump to six million. According to Duane Mehl, it may well be that the future will be dominated by a young adult culture. This generation is not like that of the past. There is a "new mood," which expresses itself in novels, clothes, alcohol, the city, sex, politics and religion. It is evident that ministry to the single young adult must realize a new approach in every area, especially in that of ethics, goals and values.

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