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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Practical Theology


Church leaders today are saying that the future of the church is being decided in the inner city. If the church is able to rise above itself, to meet the challenge of the inner city, they aver, there is hope that it might also be able to meet the challenge of its existence in other geographic and intellectual realms as well. It is in the inner city that the church meets the problems of existence head-on. It is there that reality is met. It is there that the church cannot hide behind pious words or statements by committees. The church faces the issues which have been raised by society in their crassest forms. Either the church meets them and answers them, or it dies.

This research project comprises an examination of some of the ways that the church can meet the problems raised, the questions asked, the realities bared in the inner city. How do you love people without destroying them with that love? Many people do not know how to love. To them, loving is showing sympathy or pity to people in adverse situations. The church has been guilty of this also.

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