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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Systematic Theology

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Theodore Graebner


What a hodge-podge! What god-makers our 20th century philosophers are! When revealed religion is condemned to the rubbish heap and modem philosophes relie solely upon their intellect, senses, experiences, nature, etc., what unimaginable and ofttimes unintelligible ideas of God do they not create for themselves. We are inclined to exclaim with Pyrrho, who lived 365 before the time of Christ or twenty years after the birth of Aristotle, “There are no two schools of philosophy that agree upon the essential problems. Speculation brings us only trouble and uncertainty and involves us in endless contradiction. Abandon barren speculation and - instead of the suggestion of Pyrrho, to 0bey the laws of nature - let us study the revealed word of God, which is not speculative but positive, affording the greatest comfort and peace of mind to those who study its glad tidings” in the proper spirit.

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