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Systematic Theology


The tendency of Protestantism to split up into various sects has not infrequently been noted and variously explained. Roman Catholics, especially, make the most of this situation and point with pride to the unity of their church. “If once you permit individual judgment to be pitted against authority all the followers of the revolter will, in turn, claim the same privilege against him. The result is obvious. Even before the revolting church had made its position secure against the church of Rome disunion and separatism had come into its ranks. "This condition has often been deplored and the cry of today is to unite Protestantism in order that it may present a solid front against the forces of evil. Declarations of this nature have not been unheard of in the past. The purpose of this paper shall be to review the history of several outstanding efforts at ecclesiastical union in Europe since the time of the Reformation. In connection therewith the writer purposes to show that true Christian unity must be “sine qua non" of church union if the consequences are not to be disastrous.

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