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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Historical Theology

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William Polack


To comprehend the topic we must, first of all, understand the scope of the term "Old Religion." Nothing else can be meant by that designation than that system of religion which had pervaded the countries of Europe and had been the marrow of its religious life ~ during the period preceeding the memorial sixteenth century. Under this term we would include both its national and its international aspects. We will investigate this ecclesiastical system in England during the process of its overthrow -- after it had temporarily regained what was thought to be its dominant position. This overthrow we would follow in its "due process of law.'' by legislative decrees, and the introductions of a ritual and creed foreign to it. We will see this religion lose its high eminence and sink almost to insignificance. It is a dark picture which we must present. The more brilliant pages; its fight for life; the persecutions which were inaugurated against its adherents; the work of the persons, outside the sanction of the law, to keep alive and inflame the spark of loyalty to the See of Rome, which fairly teems with noteworthy incidents; and incidents of a depressing character; take place only in the two decades following the one which we are considering. The incidents which we will portray will often be dry. The fault is not with the topic, however. It is only with an apology that we begin.

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