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Historical Theology

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Mark 16:15; John 2:20; Luke 2:2; Luke 2:6-7; Matthew 2:16; Matthew 2:22; Matthew 19:1-11; Mark 6:14-28; Luke 3:19; Luke 9:7-9; Luke 13:31-32; Luke 23:7-12; Matthew 14:3;


To be sure we can gain no better history of Jesus' life and the foundations of his church, than the account in our sacred Scriptures. However, it shall be our purpose rather to give the Jewish background at that time. When one reads the sources of this period, it becomes very evident that there is no real Jewish history, but that it is rather a biographical history of the reigns of the individual rulers. The New Testament contains many references to the civil government and it is around these points of contact that we shall group other facts in the life, history, and character of these local rulers. Beginning with Herod, the Great, we shall trace through chronologically to the last Procurator and the revolt. Therefore we shall give especial attention to those men who have had some intimate connection with the Saviors life and the foundation of his church.

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