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An Examination and Evaluation of the Theology of Karl Barth and Oscar Gullman on the Doctrine of Baptism, with Particular Emphasis on the Question of Infant Baptism It is the purpose of this paper to present the respective views of these two leading theologians on the subject or baptism, in particular infant baptism, as expressed in their two publications on the subject, and to submit them to analysis and criticism. During the course of the paper it will be necessary to refer to the various statements of the New Testament regarding baptism and to compare those passages with certain conclusions reached by Barth or Cullman. Also, in the case of Barth, it will be necessary to deal with other facets of his theology which, it is believed by the writer, have much bearing on his treatment or baptism. The weight of the paper will concern itself with the position of Karl Barth. However, Oscar Cullman’s main objections to Barth's position will be examined and criticized. The ultimate goal of this study will be to attempt to determine to what degree Barth and Cullman have arrived at a correct understanding of the doctrine of baptism.

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