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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Historical Theology

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Gilbert Thiele


Historically, there is little doubt that Antipater was a political giant. Even the limited account or his life reveals the shrewdness and native talents of this Idumean. Yet he was and is neglected. Perhaps the reason rests in the shortness or his actual reign as ruler. Perhaps he is forgotten due to the fact that he was never actually crowned as king. But the purpose of this paper was not to answer the "why,” but rather to establish the historical fact that Antipater was truly an important figure in the history between the testaments, and that he really did influence the political tone and policies of the New Testament era. The foundations which Antipater laid down were used both by Herod and his sons until the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. The fact that the rulers after Antipater were not as successful in applying these principles merely points once again to the greatness of the Idumeen. Thus it is evident that the political policies instigated by Antipater outlived the man who originated them, and continued to influence the policies of Palestine through his children and grandchildren even during the time of the Messiah.

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