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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Historical Theology

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William Danker


The purpose of the research presented in the following pages is to enable the writer to serve in a better capacity as a missionary in a foreign country. The collecting and correlating of the various factors in the development and history of the India Mission during the past thirteen years has been a wonderful opportunity for greater preparation in entering foreign mission work. Another purpose for this research is to bring the history of our Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod’s India Mission to a close. Missionary Elmer E. Griesse presented a thesis to Washington University, St. Louis, on the history of the Missouri Evangelical Lutheran India Mission (M. E. L. I.M.) from the beginning of the work in 1895 through 1944. This present thesis will bring us to the end of an era--for the Mission has grown into a. sister church of the Missouri Synod. On January 8, 1950, the India Evangelical Lutheran Church (I. E. L. C.) declared itself capable of self-government. The M. E.L. I. M. continues to exist, but only as a corporation recognized by the government of India. Whenever the M. E. L. I. M. is referred to in the following pages, the Mission itself is meant and not the corporation. It is assumed that the reader of this thesis knows that 1945 was not the beginning of the India Mission. At times, there are glances further back than 1945, always with the intent, of pointing out previous activities in a specific field of operation.

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