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Practical Theology

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Walter Buszin

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Psalm 55:17; Acts 3:1; Acts 16:25; Nehemiah 9:3; Psalm 119:164;


Such a study could be voluminous. Of necessity, therefore, this study will omit an analysis of any musical settings for Matins, as well as any detailed study of Psalmody or Hymnody in general apart from their distinct relation to and Matins. Also omitted in the historical sketch of Matins is an all-inclusive study of Matins in in every land in every denomination in every century. This study does propose to trace the origin of Matins with its primary development through the centuries up to and including the form as the Lutheran communion uses it today. Other studies exist on Matins; but most either omit the historical angle, or are only part of a much greater work, so that it is impractical to put such studies into the hands of the average lay person. It is hoped that this study may further the use of Matins to the glory of God.

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