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1 Kings 11:40-14:25; 1 Kings 1:6; Judges 11:25-26; Exodus 12:40; Galatians 3:17; Acts 7:6; Genesis 15:13-16; Genesis 12:4; Genesis 17:1; Genesis 17:17; Genesis 25:26; Genesis 49:9; Genesis 14:1; Genesis 47:49; Genesis 21:5; Exodus 6:1; Exodus 12:40; Genesis 20:5; Genesis 47:9; Genesis 12:10;


In determining the date of the exodus, one finds little direct evidence outside the Bible record. Egypt was indeed constantly in contact with Palestine from the time of Joseph (or even of Abraham) until the fugitives from the Babylonian conquest sought refuge there, and one might have hoped to find some reference to Jewish history in the Egyptian records. It is natural that the Bible scholar look for some reference to the exodus in particular. For the Exodus was one of the foremost events that took place in the history of the Israe1ites. All through the Old Testament, constant reference is made to that great event.

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