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William Polack

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Hebrews 10: 26; Colossians 3: 16;


Lutheran hymnals continue to increase in size and in choice of hymn tunes. A brief study of The Lutheran Hymnal (1941) of the Missouri Synod shows that the composers of the 380 tunes of the hymnal come in the main from three countries: 18 from America, 59 from England, and 58 from Germany. This trend is borne out in the other Lutheran hymnals published in America during the first 40 years of this century, to perhaps an even more marked degree. If so many of these tunes are coming into the Lutheran Services from extra-Lutheran sources, we also do well to study these sources with the aim of evaluating their usage in the Lutheran Church of America.

In this paper we shall study the contribution of the Anglican Church.

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