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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Practical Theology

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Theodore Laetsch

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Genesis 2:7; Ecclesiastes 3:21; Job 9:21; Daniel 5:23; Genesis Mark 2:2; Genesis 7:15; Genesis 7:22; Psalm 53:6; Genesis 1:24; Genesis 2:24; Genesis 18:18; Job 37:10; Isaiah 30:33; Job 4:9; Psalm 18:16; Job 32:8; Job 33:4; Job 26:4; Isaiah 2:22; Proverbs 20:27; 1 Corinthians 15:45;


With this basis established we can well proceed with our discussion, and observe the multitudinous array of facts about the human soul--its origin, life, and destiny-- facts which are still ignored by the modern science of psychology. The Holy Bible is our foremost source; for here we have throughout the infallible word of God. He is the Creator of man; he can tell us most about his creature.

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