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In every church body there have been certain individuals who have exercised decisive leadership and whose influence has continued through the years. In The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod a listing of such men might include Dr. C. F. w. Walther, Dr. Franz Pieper, Dr. Georg Stoeckhardt, and others. In the Wisconsin Synod the list would certainly include Dr. Adolf Hoenecke, Professors August Pieper, Johann Philip Koehler, and John P. Meyer. Some of these men distinguished themselves as organizational leaders, some as theologians, and some in both areas of church life.

The two individuals whose labors have been of the greatest significance for the development of an exegetical tradition within the synods which formerly constituted The Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America are Dr. Georg Stoeckhardt and Professor Johann Philip Koehler. To understand their contributions to the study of the Scriptures, one must first offer a brief biographical sketch of each scholar.

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