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Doctor of Theology (ThD)


Exegetical Theology

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Horace Hummel

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Psalm 89:6-19; 1 Kings 11:3; Isaiah 27:1; John 1:18; Joshua 24:16-18; Psalm 74:11; Titus 1:9;


The specific problem addressed by this study is, "What is the role of Psalm 89:6-19 in the corporate worship life of ancient Israel?” Throughout our research we will use the word "cult" to signify Israel’s corporate religious worship and ritual. This will provide a way of more sharply focusing our investigation.

Four additional questions are immediately raised by our initial query. Is it profitable to study Ps. 89:6-19 as an individual unit apart from the entire Psalm? Since the time of John Calvin many scholars have noted a special thematic nuance in verses 6-19 which stands apart from the remainder of the Psalm. Whether the division between these verses and the rest of the Psalm is more than thematic is a question that has developed out of Calvin's original suggestion. It is hotly debated to this day.

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