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Doctor of Theology (ThD)


Systematic Theology

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Norman Nagel


Our thesis is that in Chemnitz' doctrine of the Lord’s Supper the benefits of the Lord's Supper are inherently the benefits of the Real Presence. The beneficial use of the sacramentis, therefore, connected with the "substance," that is, both the giving of the benefits and the receiving of them --faith and "the discerning of the body" -- are tied up with the Real Presence. This indicates that the two parts are closely connected, and their separation has negative consequences for both parts. A major purpose of our research will be to examine more in detail what he confesses of this relation.

For these reasons we will make the "beneficia" and "usus" of the Lord's Supper our focus and vantage point from which our discussion will start. Questions related to the "substantia" will be treated in connection with and so far as necessary for our main issue.

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