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Systematic Theology

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This study will engage only one piece of the great body of material that is ours by way of the Ethiopic tradition. What we know of the inter-testamental period and of early Christianity would be poorer without what comes to us through the Ethiopic tradition, both where it overlaps with other traditions, and where it is unique. Among its unique witnesses of the inter-testamental period are Jubliees, 1 Book of Enoch and the Ascension of Isaiah. Of these the complete text is provided only by their Ethiopic versions. The traditions of the Early Church preserved in the Ethiopic tradition are numerous as well. One can find liturgical, dogmatic, patristic as well as historical works extending from the earliest centuries of the Christian era down through the later centuries.

The Apostolic Tradition, which is the subject of this study, is one of these rare early church documents of paramount importance for our knowledge of the life and practice of the church in the first two centuries. In fact it is the oldest document we have which deals with the practical aspect and polity of the church of that time. Those who have studied the document confirm this and state forcefully its significance and indispensable value.

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