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Practical Theology

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Richard Schultz

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Luke 4:18-21; Matthew 23:14; Romans 8:31;


It is the contention of this dissertation that all the approaches presented above, which shall be discussed in detail, are inadequate. They do not incorporate sufficiently the beliefs, attitudes, motivations, and mindset brought from Spain and imposed on or merged with those of native Americans. In fact, this chapter contends that two or three million Hispanics illegally enter the United States from Latin America each year, in part at least, 1) because the seven-century-long Moorish occupation of Spain changed the Spanish character and society; and2) because the Reformation was crushed in sixteenth-century Spain.

Some may call this contention quite preposterous, bigoted, antiquated, anti-ecumenical, or (at best) a non-sequitur. They may point to the rich culture brought to Spain by the Moors and to the humane influences generated by the church in Latin America. They will speak of the thousands of dedicated clergy who indeed enhanced religious and intellectual life in the Western hemisphere and instructed and defended the Indians.

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