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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Systematic Theology

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Matthew 17:20; Genesis 2:18; Romans 10:14-15;


In this paper we will examine Luther's understanding of faith in the following ways. First, we will define "faith" by unpacking its meaning. We will ask, "Who believes and in what do they believe?" Second, we will look at Luther's language of faith in his Catechisms and catechetical writings. We will note how he changes his language of faith depending on which part of Christian teaching he is explaining. Third, we will examine Luther's grammar of faith-his use of grammatical subjects, verbs, and objects-in the Small Catechism. And finally, we will see how Luther combines the teachings of the Christian faith with personal trust in those divine truths. For Luther, "faith" is much more than mental assent to doctrinal truths; it is a person's reception of those life-changing truths and the incorporation of those truths into one's way of thinking and living. Also, in Luther's Catechisms, "faith" is much more than a person's ever-changing religious experience; it is based on the sure foundation of the teachings of the Christian faith.

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