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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Historical Theology

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John Constable

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Matthew 27:45-54; Mark 15:33-39; Luke 23:44-47; John 2 :21; Luke 23:26-48; Matthew 26:61; Mark 14:58; Mark 15:29; Matthew 12:5-6, 8; Matthew 23:37-39; Luke 13:31-35; John 1:8-22; Luke 2:22-39; Luke 2:41-50; Luke 4:9-12; Luke 11:51; Luke 18:9-14; Luke 19:45-46; Luke 20: 1-47; Luke 21:5-36; Luke 21:37-38; Luke 22:53; Luke 23:45; Luke 24:53; 1 Samuel 21: 1-9; Luke 13:1; Luke 5: 14; Luke 17:14; Luke 22:4


Because the writer has been personally involved with neo-Pentecostals in the charismatic movement, this thesis was undertaken in an attempt to understand that movement in terms of its history. Such history cannot yet be written. At the same time, traditional Pentecostalism has had a strong influence on the charismatic movement. Apart from the fact that the charismatic movement is much less institutionalized than the older Pentecostalism, there is no essential normative difference between the two. A thorough understanding of the latter contributes material to an understanding of the former.

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