Harry Krieger

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Master of Theology (Th.M)


Practical Theology

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William Polack

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Matthew 5:40; Matthew 10:9; John 19:23


In other cases unfortunately, the Liturgical trend has produced no improvement, but quite the opposite. Individuals and groups have been swept along by it, to be sure, but have adopted much that is questionable, if not thoroughly repugnant, because they were impressed with the novelty of the thing adopted, or because it was supposed to be an improvement. As a case in point we mention the imprimatur which a large Lutheran body in America recently placed upon the wearing of a colored stole over an academic robe or so-called Genenva gown, in violation both of liturgical principles and historic practice. These references may serve to introduce the thesis. In the succeeding pages we shall set forth the results of “An Historical Survey of Liturgical Vestments for Clergy and Sanctuary with Final Reference to Good Lutheran Usage”.

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