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Master of Theology (Th.M)


Exegetical Theology

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Martin Scharlemann

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Mark 1:23-25; 34; Mark 3:11f.; Mark 1:44; Mark 5:43; Mark 7:36; Mark 8:26; Mark 8:30; Mark 9:9; Mark 1:45; Mark 3:7; 13; Mark 6:46; Mark 7:24; Mark 9:30; Mark 4:10-12; 34; Mark 6:52; Mark 7:17-18; Mark 8:17-21; 32; Mark 9:28; 32; Mark 10:10; 35-45; Mark 10:47f.; Mark 11:10; Mark 12:35-37; Mark 1:1; Mark 1:11; Mark 9:7; Mark 3:11; Mark 5:7; Mark 8:29; Mark 14:61; Mark 15:32; Mark 15:39; Mark 9:41; Mark 12:6; Mark 12:35; Mark 13:21


The general purpose of this thesis is to provide an historical survey of the hidden Messiahship of Jesus in the Gospel According to St. Mark. At the beginning of the present century William Wrede gave this theological problem the appropriate label, "The Messianic Secret." In the almost sixty years that have passed since the time of Wrede, this problem has presented a challenge to a number of scholars. These scholars have offered various answers and solutions. The approach in this thesis will be to present the views that have been held by some of these men.

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